Our Story

Our deeply rooted family food heritage reaches back to the mid-19th century, when Amedeo Pastorelli founded a food distribution business near Rome. Continuing that tradition, our family then became partners in one of the first tomato canning operations in California, facilitated North America’s first olive crushing to make olive oil, and introduced the first fully prepared pizza sauce in 1952.

Five generations later, Pastorelli Foods continues our legacy of innovation in the heart of downtown Chicago, where we have been manufacturing high-quality pizza sauce, pizza crust, vinegar, oils, and tomatoes since the 1950s. 

Italian Chef Pizza Sauce


After WWII, where many women left the home to go work, fewer women had hours in the kitchen to spend making homemade sauce, so Leandro Pastorelli, with the help of his sister Mary DiStefano and his brother Mario, formulated the Italian Chef Pizza sauce, the first fully-prepared Pizza Sauce offered in a can.

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Pastorelli Pizza Kit


Before the days of frozen pizza, Pastorelli formulated a homemade pizza kit with flour, yeast, and sauce to do-it-yourself. It rose to popularity in the 60s. We have since updated our pizza kit for modern households, so you can make authentic and delicious Chicago-style pizza at home!

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Italian Chef Red Wine Vinegar


Italian Chef Red Wine Vinegar wins a gold medal for its quality and taste at the Monde Selection in Brussels

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